We know that the migration process from an old technology can be daunting, time consuming and disruptive to your security operations

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You may not have the physical manpower and resources available to authenticate, print and reissue new secure cards / credentials within a short period of time? Or perhaps you’re a large, global enterprise business using multiple card technologies and multiple access control systems per region and wish to create one single global credential?

To help transition you quickly and smoothly to your replacement technology and credentials we can manage as much as the credential printing and reissue for you as required.  This can be done either on or offsite at a secure, monitored facility.  This eradicates the headache, cost and resource that is often attributed with access control technology upgrades.

What Credential Bureau Service do we offer?

  • Remote printing and distribution of new, highly encrypted smart card credentials right to your door.  We can securely distribute new smart cards directly to staff members if required and can even take responsibility for the collection of old legacy cards.

  • Using the data within your existing access control & security management system, we can reproduce existing credentials along with the addition of a secure version or we can produce a completely new credential.

  • As part of the bureau service Lumen ID can validate and cleanse personnel data within your existing access control database (for errors such as duplicate records, incomplete data and miss-entered internal card numbers).

  • Bulk credential reissue. We have the ability to produce up to 1,000 new secure credentials each day in a secure environment to help you quickly reproduce your credentials.   We offer high quality reverse transfer printed images (with our without a high durability over laminate); single or double sided printing and can also support multiple credential types including smart cards , smart phones, tags and/or biometrics.

  • Credentials are 100% tested for operation on your security system before reissue; thus ensuring smooth project rollout and success.

Lumen ID recently managed the printing and reissue of 15,000 smart-cards offsite for a large accounting practice.