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With a team of highly experienced security professionals Lumen ID provides a fill consultancy service for all your access control and security needs.

Whether you need practical advice on card cloning or advice on how best to create a single, enterprise level global credential, we're here to assist you. We can quickly analyse the security level of your existing card technology, credentials and overall access control system, and where required propose a seamless, cost effective solution technology upgrades and credential replacement.

What services can we offer ?

  • We offer a smooth "credential transition management service"

  • Site survey and analysis of your current security system and credentials

  • Practical Card cloning and Penetration tests to determine possible credential weaknesses

  • Credential transition planning - should you need to move to a more secure credential. We will always aim to re-use as much of your existing system as possible

  • Analysis of the role of mobile credentials

  • Use of Biometrics

  • Creation of a secure credential management process and lifecycle to ensure security is continually maintained

  • We can assist with the generation of your private, credential key structure. WE ensure that you keys are always anonymously generated and never known, but can be easily reproduced.

  • Development and maintenance of ongoing audit procedures for issuing secure credentials. After all "Audit drives behaviour".

  • Secure bureau service. We can assist with the printing and encoding of multi-technology cards/credentials for you. We will also cleanse your existing database of duplicate and redundant records.

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