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Companies have responsibilities not only for the for the health and safety of their employees but also for visitors including  customers,  suppliers, contractors  and the general public.

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Knowing who is coming to your office and ensuring they are briefed on your working environment is even more important in these unusual times.


Having a Visitor System that works with your access control system helps manage, identify and track visitors to your premises.   


Lumenid have partnered with Calms Technologies to become their exclusive partner for the Calms Visitor Management System (ViMS) in UK and Ireland. As well as the ViMS software Lumenid can provide the equipment  and support necessary to implement a visitor system that will meet your compamies requirements and provide your visitors an easy to use registration process which 

This easy to use, fully featured application allows companies to control and monitor visitors to their premises and provides the necessary audit trials to help meet the company’s responsibilities in the following areas:


Health and Safety

Fire Register

Contractor Control and Compliance

Data Protection

Receptionists working with visitor in of

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Click here to visit the Calms ViMS website

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