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What we did in Lock down

On the 22nd of March when the UK went into lockdown, the team at Lumen ID had a decision to make, would just continue what we were doing before, or would try and make a contribution to the help improve the situation.

The UK Government had posted a request that companies build ventilators known as RMVS (Rapidly Manufactured Ventilator Systems), and aided by Mark Campbell, a final PhD Rocket scientist, we decided to rise to the challenge.

Working with local partners, namely Power Action, Motion Controls, Kalman, Sensorteq we have created an advanced workable ventilator, not for us a simple bag squeezer with no feedback, but a fully sensored device that can be remotely controlled (and with a secure element of course) .

We repurposed our Server software to remotely record and provide a dashboard, and based the hardware around 24V pneumatics and a 9 inch hi-res touchscreen and driven by a mighty Teensy 4.1

Many thanks to those on the forums who helped us with the numerous problems we came across, and a mighty shout out to Saleae who donated a top spec high speed 16 channel logic analyser to help us test the system

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