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LumenID your single supplier for Credentials, Visitor management and Frictionless Access control hardware

CALMS Visitor management

Credential Management

Frictionless Open Hardware

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Our Story

We are a group of Access Control professionals with 40 years of experience in delivery of complex distributed Systems

Our Vision

The world is changing, and we will help to adapt to the new challenges of contact-less Access and device security


From design and testing of new products to the provision of class leading Hardware and Software, we provide open standards based solutions .  Our access control portfolio allows systems to be upgraded to use the latest trends such as Visitor Management, OSDP and Bluetooth devices without the trauma and cost of replacing the whole system

Based around AWS technology, Bluetooth Low Energy, OSDP, Leaf  and hardware secure elements, we provide a standards based solution for low cost distributed Access Control

Who are we

Credential Managment

How it works



Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), accessed either via a portal, or by a simple API, written in .NET Core 3.1 to support cross platform deployment


Using Leaf Identity and OSDP 2.1.17 we provide a standards based interoperable solution, 



All elements of the system contain an EAL rated hardware secure element, which holds the necessary certificates, and all persistent cryptographic functions are processed internally by the Secure Element

System Overview
How it works
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Visitor Management

Your lobby or reception is the 1st security point and often the first point of contact visitors have with your company. Create a positive impression and protect your staff, guests and your property by using CALMS Visitor Management System to streamline the process of visitor check in and check out.  


With real-time integration of access control and facilities booking system, the system helps to protect employees, assets and buildings by confirming visitor’s identity, compiling relevant information about their visit and information on the meeting venues.

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Have a legacy access control system?

What to make use of the latest credential and frictionless access control technology without a complete system replacement?

Lumenid's range of credentials and bluetooth readers can link to most access control system without having to replace the system.

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